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Forged Chain Conveyor

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Do you require a reliable, long and durable chain conveyor to package or build bulk items for supply and demand? By opting for our Redler Style Chain conveyors, you can achieve exactly what you need in your warehouse or workshop. Incorporating John King Forged chain into your conveyor will optimise chain conveyor performance, offering extended above our competition lifetime and comes with full product warranty.

A Forged Chain conveyor or drag chain is perfect for all aspects of materials handling. It offers great capacity for horizontal and vertical transport over long distances for all bulk materials. This can include anything from cement and wood chip conveyors through to lighter duty cereals and grain conveyors.

Here at John King Chains we have developed a quality management system which ensures we meet the highest standards under the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. We always strive to supply quality products and services to each one of our clients, ensuring that we exceed their expectations.

You can find out more about our quality statement now to see how we as a company operate to appease our customers and employees.

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