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Would you like to partner up with a trusted sprocket supplier online? Then by using our heritage here at John King Chains, you can work with us to receive quality sprockets that are manufactured to meet the highest standards. Having supplied sprockets and chains for over 80 years, we’re the industry leaders of sprocket supply and manufacturing.

Although we’re considered the leading manufacturer of conveyor chains, there are many other elements that help conveyor chains to perform – sprockets are one of the key mechanisms. Choosing the right sprocket is as important as choosing the right chain, but that’s where our knowledge can be utilised. Sprocket wheels are designed to operate smoothly and quietly with new chains. We endeavour to provide quality made products that are custom to your needs.

Along with our standard sprocket options, we also offer the opportunity to construct tailored sprockets to suit any customer requirements. Our full design service combined with years of experience offers the best materials and heat treatments to ensure maximum chain and sprocket performance whatever the application.

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