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Find Bespoke Heavy Drive Chains With John King Chains

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Are you involved in an industry where maintenance and construction are two key aspects of your work? If you’re searching for a specific type of chain to fit a conveyor system or drive, then we would be more than happy to help you source or create a bespoke chain to suit.

Our capacity is extensive, and we are capable of producing a chain to suit your specific requirements. If you’re looking to find Heavy Drive Chains, then we can help here at John King Chains.

Having work in a multiplicity of industries, with long experience of producing Bakery Industry Chains, Cement Industry Chains, Sugar Industry Chains (Cane & Beet), Timber Industry Chains, Theme Park Chains, Palm Oil Industry Conveyor & Elevator Chains, Chains for Asphalt Production, Water Treatment Chains, Cereals Processing Chains and Mining Chains.

With a range of substantial products, including sprockets, chain spares and British Standard Steel Conveyor Chains, we’re very confident when we come to work with a client.

Although we are a British company, we have formed a great alliance with many leading companies in the United States. We’re a market leader in cast link chain production in the US, especially for the US timber and US cement markets.

To find out more about our capabilities, please continue through the remainder of our website and see how we can help you.

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