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Do you require precision and high output bucket elevator chains? When you require any form of conveyor chain for your materials handling application, you can always rely on our mechanical team here at John King Chains for best construction and conveyor performance.

We are the trusted chain conveying manufacturing partner for many business across the globe. We’ve had the pleasure of working with an array of companies, and that has allowed us to gain valuable insight into numerous industry sectors. We produce the widest program  of conveyor chain of any manufacturer and always guarantee best quality conveyor chain construction.

One area of expertise is our long term reputation in manufacture of special series and heavy duty bucket elevator conveyor chains, through optimum materials selection and heat treatment we guarantee  improved and long term performance.

The chain plays a critical role in the long term performance of an elevator for this reason John King Chains should be your first consideration when considering a new or replacement conveyor or bucket elevator chain.

Take a look through our website to see our product offerings and read about our impressive history.

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