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Exceptional Chain Conveyor Designs

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If you need chain conveyors designed especially for your purposes, John King Chains can offer a range of styles and construction techniques.

We can take into account a range of factors including the chain speed and pitch, operating conditions, lubrication, bearing pressures and ultimate tensile strength. You can either select chains for your purposes or have chain conveyors specially designed for your equipment.

Our products include Bush Chains (Rollerless), Roller Chain Conveyors and Drag Link Chains, along with a wide choice of sprockets to match your chain. We cover a wide range of industries including the bakery industry for which we provide products suitable for high speed baking.

We are proud to offer the widest range of conveyor chains on the market.

John King Chains frequently appear at a wide range of events, including the GEAPS Exchange in March 2018.

More about us.

Founded by John King in 1926, our company have spent over 90 years in the chain manufacturing industry and offer both British and American Standard chains, all of which are manufactured to the quality management system ISO 9000.

As part of our on-going investment, we have recently invested in a 100-ton pulling machine, which is used for proof testing and destructive testing.

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