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Conveyor Chains for the Grain Industry

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If you need components for a grain conveyor, look towards John King Chains for strong and resilient chains and sprockets. 

We have a range of chains for the bakery and cereal processing industries, including those suitable for both the British and American market.

We also cover the cement industry, for which we’re appearing at the 60th Annual Cement Industry Technical Conference in May 2018. This conference takes places in Nashville, Tennessee, and our attendance reflects our strong interest in the North American market.

Following Brexit, we believe there’s no better time to reinforce our relationship with the United States, offering the widest range of conveyor chains of any manufacturer to companies in both the UK and the US.

Our Cereal Processing Chains include Cast Combination Trough Scraper Chains which have exceptional strength and wear-resistance, along with corrosion-resistance for anybody who wants stainless steel pins.

We also produce Combination Elevator Chains, Twin Trace Roller Chains, and a Forged Link Standard Series. Twin Trace Roller Chains are a popular choice in milling applications and conform to British standard BS 4116, operating in a twin strand format.

Discover more about our range of chain conveyors for the grain industry.

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