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Why Choose Our Log Handling Chains?

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Looking to order the highest quality chains for log handling?

John King Chains are international suppliers to the timber industry and can supply quality log handling chains for all kinds of equipment. As one of our key industries, we can provide products across the entire spectrum including those for particle board manufacturers.

We offer a variety of chains for saw mills, and can offer either Forged chains, which common with European manufacturers, and Welded Steel Chains, that are used in American technology. Our products include our special series paper rolls chains that are ideal for in-floor conveyors.

Our expert team are keen to help find the best log handling chains for your requirements.

We also supply all the accessories needed to timber processing equipment. Among our range you’ll find a complete variety of chains in a variety of materials and construction styles.

Whatever mechanical handling applications you might need to meet, John King Chains are here to help you do it. We promise consistent quality and the most helpful customer support at all stages of the ordering process. All our products are manufactured according to ISO 9000 to ensure performance reliability and extended service life.

For more information on our log handling chains, simply check out our catalogue today.

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