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The Best Quality Grain Conveyors

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Grain conveyors range widely in size, whether they’re low-flow machines for farms or high throughput systems for large-scale storage facilities.

Whatever the size of your equipment, John King Chains can offer high quality chains for your equipment, with our manufacturers covering a wide range of industries, including the bakery industry for which we produce grain handling equipment.

For this industry, we produce a wide range of products, such as grids and components, pendants for Lanham, roller chains with extended pins, over chains, and Acetal case chains. We also have lug chains for all series which are manufactured to original standard and customer specifications.

As true bulk handling experts, John King Chains supply chains for companies on both sides of the Atlantic, including the North American market. We will be appearing at the GEAPS Exchange in Denver this March, the biggest and best show in the grain industry.

John King Chains have also recently joined the ABMEC, otherwise known as the Association of British Mining Equipment Companies. This association has a history dating back 100 years and its member companies represent over $1 billion worth of export mining equipment.

Find out more about our products for the bakery industry.

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