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A Precision Decision for John King Chains Group

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A Precision Decision for John King Chains Group

The Directors of John King Chains Ltd are delighted to announce the acquisition of Precision Chains Ltd the UK based specialists in design and manufacture of conveyor chains for a wide range of applications.

The Owner of Precision Chains supported its acquisition by John King Chains Ltd. It was considered that the Company was best placed to protect the legacy and take Precision Chains forward positively. There is no doubt that synergy that so clearly exists between the two businesses makes the union the best option for the Company’s future development.

Precision Chains Ltd was founded by the Merley family in 1957. The Company established a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of high quality conveyor chains Principally following the British Standard, but extending to include other series such as cane sugar chains, water treatment chains, palm oil chains and timber industry chains.

Precision Chains - escalator step chain

Customers include London Underground where Precision Chains have been the principal supplier of escalator chains for an extended period. Earning an unrivalled reputation for consistent high quality. The quality dictates demanded by London Underground surpass all others ensuring the development of a chain manufacturing facility of the very highest echelon. It is considered that this unique pedigree represents a spring board into other industries where they may not be currently engaged.

It was in identifying Precision Chains capabilities in the production of heavy series chains that was of particular interest to John King Group. As long established suppliers to the world cement industry John King Chains have extensive experience in raw material and clinker transport within cement production. There is undoubtedly an untapped potential for Precision Chains for the manufacture of best quality, heavy series chains for the various mechanical handling applications encountered.

David Wadsworth, Managing Director of John King Chains stated:

“The acquisition of Precision Chains represents a tremendous opportunity for John King Chains to further enhance its reputation as a leading manufacturer of conveyor chains and sprockets worldwide. We are committed to UK manufacturing and consider the potential for Precision Chains to flourish under the John King Chains umbrella is substantial. We have operations in five continents and this will be a vehicle to enhance Precision Chains success. We too are a family business, in our case we have fifth generation family members working in the business being well qualified, well equipped and committed to take the business forward. The key ingredients are shared objectives, harmony in execution and adopting the longer term view. Precision Chains will retain their title for the foreseeable future and operate under the umbrella of the John King Group.”

Our manufacturing processes ensure that all chain lengths on an escalator machine are manufactured to an overall tolerance of 0.010 inch across 8 Ft, with a quality that enables them to achieve a service life of 20 years.

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