High Quality Welded Steel Chains

Welded chains are much stronger than weldless chains, making them suitable for hoisting and lifting.

When you need welded chains made to UK and international standards, simply look towards John King Chains. Our Welded Steel Chains come in many varieties with a choice of attachments, including K1 and A1 attachments.

Whether you require heavy duty steel drag chains, or offset sidebar welded steel chains, John King Chains can help you find the right product for your requirements.

Our Extra Heavy-Duty Welded Stainless Steel Chains are ideal when you need heavier link chains for increased wearing surfaces. With a range of sizes and specifications, you’re guaranteed higher strength, superior impact resistance and extended service life.

Our aim is always to provide high-quality, competitively priced Conveyor chains and Sprockets.

Established in 1926, John King Chains are true experts when it comes to the manufacturing of super-strong and reliable chains. We help a wide range of industries to mobilise their equipment using chains, including the North American Market and the UK, where we are based.

Why not find out more about our welded chains today?

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