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Success in South America – Pulp and Paper Industry

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Success in South America – Pulp and Paper Industry

Andritz Equipment at Fray Bentos Paper mill, Uruguay

The Power feed debarker conveyors manufactured by well-known OEMS such as Andritz is one of the most demanding chain applications on the planet.

Our assistance was requested from Andritz Engineers in Uruguay where they were experiencing dramatically reduced operational lifetime of their customers power feed chains, resulting from a multitude of both environmental and operational factors. In this case the nature of the operating conditions are unusually aggressive, a 24hr operation with high concentration of silica content carried over from the processed material and continual shock loading of material. A combination of high abrasion and impact, both contributing to which could be argued as one of the most challenging operating environments for any known chain application.

The project entailed redesigning and replacing standard materials and construction (WH155/HTH) with our WHM155/IBR Welded Bush, complete with hot riveted pin grease facility and selective hardening over the contact area.

WHM155/IBR Welded Bush

The main problems experienced before our involvement was excessive and accelerated wearing on the side plates, welded attachments becoming detached, result of inferior weld penetration and premature bush wear. The side plates proposed and later supplied our team involved uprated standard carbon steel to a high carbon alloy steel, pins and bushes, with further through hardened and induction hardened on the contact zones all as Kings Timber standard.

Introduction of grease facility complete with JKG1436M a superior quality, calcium sulphonate complex grease with exceptional load carrying capacity, containing molybdenum disulphide which provides increased protection against load and added protection against component wear in very dusty environments, was essential during the running in period and later offering extended protection against ingress of abrasives and heavy loading.

With improved material specifications, uprated heat treatment/techniques implemented by our South American technical team, we have been able to extend the chains service life from 9 to currently 15 months without to this date any further technical intervention. In support we were supplied with a letter of conformity from responsible plant engineer qualifying this case.

Reference letter

Translated letter
To whom it may concern
Ref: Conformity letter

We extend this conformity letter as per our evaluation on a John King chain performance. This chain has been a recommendation from John King in order to improve conveyor performance, in replacement of the standard metric chain used in the past.

We credit that this change has resulted in a higher reliability index for the equipment, reducing the technical intervention rate in a consistent way. Previous metric chain life was 9 months with no technical intervention since month 6. At present and with the suggested WHM John King chain installed, the chain has been performing with a minimal intervention rate for 15 months. The amount of wear and elongation has been less than expected. This performance highly satisfies ANDRITZ Mechanical Maintenance Area in terms of reliability and durability. The present letter is a reference for our supplier John King Chains.


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