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Precision laser cutting and fabrication service

Continuous Discharge Double Strand 4000 Series Elevator Chains

JKR4000 series chain.4000 9” pitch series roller chains duplicate the high performance specifications employed in the 4200 series chains. The chains are style A straight sidebar style with buckets fixed every second link on the outer. The pitch is reduced […]

19.9 Tensioning of Conveyor & Elevator Chain

It is essential that chains are tensioned sufficiently to take up the clearances between the chain bearing pins and chain bushes / barrels. Excessive tensioning will produce an increased rate of chain wear and in extreme cases could even wear […]

Palm Oil Industry Conveyor and Elevator Chains

Contents Catalogue Please note that the catalogues below are in PDF format and that you will need Adobe Reader to view this catalog. To download a FREE copy of Adobe Reader, please visit Adobe’s website.

BH Metric Series Hot Elevator Chain

BH Metric Series Hot Elevator Chain ChainNumber P L D5 D6 H S A B C D E UTS mm kN BH3808 100 29 27 18 45 6 40 100 90 18 150 180 BH5041 100 38 30 18 50 […]

JKE Series Bucket Elevator Combination Chain

Kings long experience in the production of cast combination chains allows them to offer this unique and well proven standard that incorporates a cast manganese plain or duck bill block for bucket mounting. Operating in twin strand format the groove […]

King Double Strand Bucket Elevator with Side Mounted Bucket

King Double Strand Bucket Elevator with Side Mounted Bucket Chain Number Pitch D2 D6 L H T F1 F2 Ultimate Strength P mm kg JKR26200 200 50.8 22.2 57.2 63.5 9.5 56 61 57,500 JKR26250 250 50.8 22.2 57.2 63.5 […]

Central Chain for High Output Bucket Elevators

The New Generation central strand high duty elevator chain has proven performance in the most demanding elevator applications. The construction is simple and assembly or shortening of chain lengths can be achieved with comparative ease. The K style attachment links […]

Solid Hub bodies (B29-15 and B29-12)

Solid hub bodies are normally recommended for new installations. The Hubs are available as castings or fabricated steel. The latter is generally the preferred option for expedience and there are technical advantages in this option. This arrangement is typical of […]

Sprocket and Traction Wheel Rims (B29-15 and B29-12)

Rims which are typically seen operating with American standard bush class chain are available as castings or from fabricated steel. Each wheel is surface flame hardened to the optimum level and case depth around the full circumference. The depth is […]

Bores and Keyways

In the following section you will find information on British standard keyway and bore sizes. John Kings will generally bore all wheels to a H7 tolerance unless specified by the customer. All wheels will come with grub screw fixings over […]

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