Drag Slat Chains

Drag Slat ChainsJohn King Chains produce numerous types of conveyor and elevator chain for construction equipment and Asphalt plant manufacturers. This has become a specialist market where various types of Drag slat, Conveyor and Elevator chains can be produced to customers specific requirements. Always however John King Chains will employ superior and well proven specifications for components.

The three chains featured highlight some of the “variations on a theme” for example both Engineering Roller conveyor (JKR) and bush class chains (JKB) are employed for the same function. Periodical crank links are popular to allow odd numbered attachment spacings to occur consistency on outer links, this being a technical preference. Attachment holes can be punched round or square, the latter to accommodate square necked fixing bolts.

JKR2870/MIX3 | JKR2868/K2X3/CR | JKB856/K24X3