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The John King Company was established in Leeds, England in 1926. Early success was achieved in the manufacture of mechanical handling equipment…
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JOHN KING CHAINS Limited are has developed a quality management system which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2000
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IBIE International Baking Industry Exposition 2019
7-11 September 2019.
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

IBIE International Baking Industry Exposition 2019


David Wadsworth; Group Managing Director; is pleased to announce John King Chains intend to increase their focus in the Northern American Market.

The Company, founded in 1926, have enjoyed a long association with the United Sates. As far back as the 1950s, as Market leaders in cast link chain production, John King Chains were prominent in the US timber products industry. As manufactures of Centrifugal discharge elevators they were closely associated with suppliers to the US Cement industry to name two significant markets. There are of course many other areas where John King can provide high quality, competitively priced Conveyor chains and Sprockets.

Following Brexit there has been no better time to reinforce the Special Relationship; a phrase originally coined by Winston Churchill in a speech made in 1946 referring to the unparalleled political, diplomatic, military and historical relations between the United Kingdom and the United States, but that also extends to include the cultural, economic and commercial synergy that exists so naturally between our two nations.

Although our origins are in production of cast link chains in irons and steels the Company has progressively expanded the product range to encompass chains of other constructions including Welded steel chains, Engineering class chains, forged fork link chains and Engineering plastic (polymer) chains. Today we probably offer the widest range of conveyor chains of any producer and look forward with relish to increasing our product sales to the North American market.


David Wadsworth, Director del Grupo se complace en anunciar la intención de John King Chains de incrementar el focoen el Mercado Norteamericano.

La compañía, fundada en 1926, ha disfrutado de una larga asociación con los Estados Unidos. Atrás en 1950, como líderes de mercado en la producción de eslabones fundidos, John King Chains fue prominente en Estados Unidos en productos para la Industria Forestal. Como fabricantes de elevadores de descarga Centrífuga fuimos asociados cercanos como proveedores de USA para la Industria del Cemento, por nombrar dos mercados altamente significativos. Por supuesto que hay otras muchas áreas donde John King Chains provee Cadenas y Sprockets de la más alta calidad a precios competitivos en éste mercado.

Siguiendo al Brexit, creemos que no existe tiempo mejor para reforzar la Relación Especial, una frase originalmente expresada por Winston Churchill en un discurso hecho en 1946 donde se refería a la relación sin paralelos en lo politico, diplomático, militar e histórico entre el Reino Unido y Estados Unidos, lo que también incluye una sinergia cultural, económica y comercial que existe de forma natural entres las dos naciones.

A pesar que nuestros orígenes se establecen en la producción de eslabones fundidos en aceros, la Compañía se ha expandido de forma progresiva a la fabricación de otras construcciones como cadenas de Acero Soldado, de Ingeniería de clase, Forjadas y Plástico de Ingeniería (polímeros). Hoy en día ofrecemos probablemente el rango más completo de cadenas de transporte que ningún otro fabricante y esperamos con ganas poder incrementar las ventas de nuestros productos en el Mercado Norteamericano.

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Today JOHN KING offer the widest range of conveyor chains of any manufacturer which makes us unique in being able to offer an infinite number of chain types in a variety of materials and constructions for a multiplicity of industry mechanical handling applications: Cement, Asphalt and Mining, Sugar, Timber, Cereals, Palm Oil, Water Treatment, Bakery and Oven Chains.

As part of our new expansion strategy our aim is to develop relationships with qualified Distribution Partners to work together in developing the market place. The partner will have knowledge of the local market with existing customer base and local knowledge. In return JOHN KING can provide high quality products, competitive price levels for comparative quality, full technical support, product training, samples, brochures and access to a our own customer data base and Industry knowledge.

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